I´ts been a while + Lolita Fashion Show

Ok i hadn´t blog in a long time, i´ve been very busy, besides i was looking for a new place to live and in the meantime i expend several months living at my uncle´s house, and man it was crowded.
But now i´m living in a big apartment and i want to get back to the blogging thing, with gyaru photo shoots, clothes, and events just like before.

First new entry is going to be about the fashion show i did back in November with the new designs from my Lolita clothing brand: Black Flags Atelier, at an annual event called SOFA.
For this new collection i made three pieces with my own fabric designs, for these designs i used the "Lolitas Die Harder" line.

I`ll be back

I`ve been gone since forever, in return have a poor quality gif of my face.

 photo IMGP3936_zps708c6eee.gif

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Hair 2013


A month without blogging has passed, may i apologize....the temp job i was doing back in December ended up been a full time job, i`m happy, finding a good job in this country is a fucking hard task, it doesn`t matter if you went to college or not.
But well now i`m saving, thinking about the future, should i open my own business?... and shopping.

Today i make a commitment to my hair, NO more hair dye this year!
Hair dye is an addiction, i been dying my hair since i was 15, black frome 15 to 24, i had a long, gorgeous, amazing hair....

More photos from the "header" shoot

Here are the rest of the photos i took that day, i got excited applying filters to some of them :P

Stupid bangs

Retouching comparison:

Before photo, you can see it has a lot of noise and lacks contrast and vivid colors.
After photo, added contrast, "smoothed" out the noise, more light and better colors.
Playing with actions.
I really liked this one, i have a picture of my grandpa with this exact colors and wrinkles.
One with my actual hair.
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I have a new sidebar design

I re-designed the main layout for the blog, but the sidebar was still the same and looked off, yesterday i made some new graphics for it, keeping the main font from the header and the "black ink" concept, you can see that i now have a new illustration as my avatar in the about me section, i made it yesterday and it originally looks like this:

I added it some details in Photoshop and i`m quite pleased with it, you can see a more extended post and a scan of the piece in my Illustration blog later on the week.

I also removed a bunch of widgets to get a cleaner look and made a simple social section with small icons, it contains my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr links. The next picture is my Illustration Blog link, and it contains the latest digital piece i`ve made.

After that there are some of my latest photos in Twitter, and since Robo.to is not working at the moment i took it down, but i`ll bring it back when is normal again.

And now you`ll find 2 new "sections" the first one is called: "I like to make clothes" and it will link to my posts with handmade clothes, the name itself is very specific designing and sewing my own clothes is one of my favorite things to do.

The second one is called "DIY" and i think everyone is familiar with the term, i want to start posting some DIY tutorials on my blog, about clothes, crafts, and even Photoshop, i`m very good with manual labors and crafts and i want to share some of the stuff i know, i`ll start with really simple stuff and see if i can post more complicated tutorials. All the entries in this tag will be linked to this picture on the sidebar.

These are the main changes, under these pictures you can find the Google friend conection widget, the Google Plus Widget, i don`t use G+ too much but if you want you can add me there. And that`s it, as usual i hope you like it.

Outfits that i like and that could look better if i actually did my hair

I really worship my hair but the last semester of 2012 was full of bad hair, hence i had to cut it really short T_T and having short hair for me is so uninspiring, when i go out most of the time i don`t do my hair, i do my make up almost flawlessly and put good effort on my clothes but my hair looks like "staying at home and be lazy" hair.