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This is how my portfolio website looks like in the illustration section, i made it really simple and fast, i think i have a couple of better pieces by now but that´s why i linked it back to my illustration blog.

I have a love/hate relationship with Graphic Design, i always say i am a professional graphic designer, because i went to college for  5+ years, but here in my country this profession has a lot of misconception and   companies and agencies are hiring random people who studied design in a random garage and all they now (usually) is Corel Draw, and the worst thing is they get paid as much as a professional; that sucks u know, is hard to find a well paid job, and being a freelancer is really hard too because you don´t get your money on time. Sometimes i think i should had studied something else, i really like what i do, but when the time comes to pay for you house, food and stuff you start hating how unfair it is here.

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