Outer senshi

I started making this cosplay more than a year ago!!! but never finished it, i need to redo the skirt because it is uneven and i can`t wear it like that, i`ll be so uncomfortable knowing that my skirt is not well made. I am supposed to be Sailor Saturn and my friend Alejandra is supposed to be Sailor Jupiter.

At the beginning we kind of had all the sailors, but nowadays i don`t talk to most of them XD, so much time has gone by...

These pictures are really old, the boots look much different now, i need to finish my Silence Glaive, the gloves, the tiara, and redo the skirt as i said, i already have a wig.
I`m going to start working on my Silence Glaive (again) tomorrow, now the i`m staying with my uncle and he has all the tools that i need and hadn`t back then. This is my very first cosplay.

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