Went to a con last saturday...i don`t know why... (lots of pics)

I not longer like to assist to anime conventions and stuff like that, but i decided to go to this one and catch up with my friend Alejandra. I`m really into onee gyaru but i think i still look too cute and not as mature as i would like to, and i like to keep my personality in the clothes i wear with gyaru, i prefer black and neutral colors.

My friend and i.

i braided and made a couple of curls to my wig, but don`t like it anymore, the bangs are too messy;  i`ll have to buy a new one :(
my nails
Random Pictures:

This was my "casual pose" but it looks too awkward :P

kind of better XD
This is my attempt to a Tsubasa Masuwaka selca:
creepy. I went for a simple soft make up + lilac lipstick, i kept the drama just in the upper lashes.
I took off my wig because the place was too hot and crowded:

                    My friend was selling a bunch of stuff from her store and i decided to try on the rings:

i bought this one.
That`s it, notes:
-besides cam whoring i got really bored because i`m not into anime.
-the day was too warm.
-i loved my outfit.
-this kind of make up made my eyes look gigantic.
-i need a new wig.

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