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Hi everybody i have a lot to blog about but i`ve been really sick, from a lot of things WTF! anyways, a while ago i decided to straighten my wig, because the curls had gone really messy and i wanted to give it a makeover, this is the result:

It`s not styled yet, i was just testing it, i must say i love the result, i used hot water and it reduced the artificial shine from the wig and gave it an ash tone that i love. BUT!......

The bangs are still a mess!

I brushed them to the side and tried to make them look good in these pics, but nothing, i think i`m going to repeat the process just in the bangs, because i used a tutorial for wig bangs and brushed them with my hair dryer, but they are still so out of shape :(

I was also trying a new make up style, but i think it doesn`t suit me, i`m using bottom lashes, they are not painted.

In other news, i took my Sailor Saturn Cosplay to a con on september 2nd, there are anime cons every month here, i initially was going to use it just for pictures, but our cosplays got a good response and my friend wanted us to show it in public, BUT! i wasn`t that happy days later after the con, this girl came to me and took a so called "professional" picture of me, and she retouched the picture and let me looking really, really ugly, i was so mad!!!!! and that picture was posted in the con page!!! 

I was so mad i said "i won`t go back to cons never again", after that it changed to "i won´t cosplay anymore" but now is like "i won´t let that bitch take pictures of me never again!!!!!" i saw a bunch of other pics i took with people and i didn`t look that ugly, besides, i`m an expert in photo retouching, i have a long working experience in that field, and i could tell right away what was wrong with that photo >:(
I won`t post the pic here, because is so ugly, but here are a few ones from that day, they are not the best quality but whatever:

I stole this one XD, my skirt looked weird, i ironed it too much, and that fabric lost shape. Also the day was so hot and my hair was a mess by the end of it.

To finish this post, i must say i dyed my hair, i didn`t have any particular color in mind, really, i just took whatever hair dye i had left, and ended up with some brown/dark blonde/ash hair color, and i`m not crazy about it, i wanted it lighter but i`ll have to wait because my hair is really damaged RN, but as usual when i bleach it. I know i`ll be able to save it with a bunch of hair masks but it will take some time, after that i will add some red to the tips, to make it look a least a bit interesting.

A couple of pics to say goodbye to my black hair T_T

Black hair is really special for me, because i dyed black since i was 15 to 24, u know, all that time i was goth and stuff, i`m still dark and creepy but not like before XD

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