Long time not blogging but i`ve been really busy, i`ll try to post more often from now on, i got my camera tripod back and i`ll be able to take outfit shots and random pictures, i like to use a tripod because i don`t have a nice big mirror.

Anyways last week i cut my hair really short, like this:

My hair was really damaged because i bleached it too much this year, i changed colors from red to brown, to red and blue, to black and to blond, it was crazy! the best i could do was cut it off and let it grow healthy.
And now i`m thinking how to rock this hair with gyaru, and i found some nice examples i`d like to share:

An example of what i don´t want.
I looooove this one, mine is shorter but i can get that wave.
Nicorun rocking a bob, although i want that long straight wig she has in the latest Happie Nuts.

For this one i`ll have to wait a little bit, but i love the color.
On top of that my favorite gal of all time, Shizuka Takeda, has short hair:

And she rocks it really well:

I`m quite inspired now! i`ll post pictures of my actual haircut soon, i`m just really busy RN to doll up.

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