Back with the ego trips

As i said in one of my previous posts i`m totally obsessed with Nicorun`s look with that long straight wig in one of the latest Happie Nuts, which happens to be my favorite gyaru magazine.

And a while ago i straightened my wig but the bangs turned out quite messy, i kept working with it and finally was able to make them look nice, i had to wash the wig again with shampoo, but didn`t let it dry by itself, i used my hair dryer and a tiny brush with the wet wig and the result was so much better than before; i was so pleased with it that i decided to take some photos with a Nicorun inspired look.

Take a look:

I took them in a corner of my bedroom, and yes i know it`s so messy, but i`m running out of space and i have piles of stuff.
I tried nude lips, but i just don`t like how nude lipstick looks on me, so i changed it for a bright pink.

The most of my coordinate i could get in a picture.

Playing with some frames.

Off course these are edited, i generally use a ring light and it takes a while to get the right camera settings and some of the pictures end up over exposed, check out these unedited ones:

One of the first ones i took.

A bit more of control of the light.

Well those are some of the best i took, i`ll post more in another post, i really love this look, i think i`m going to keep exploring it, and i`ll try to find a better spot for photo shoots :P

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