More clothes and my new hair.

Hi everyone, i`m blogging as much as i can during my free time before i start working again. Yesterday my sister asked me to go with her to do her Xmas shopping, and i couldn`t help buying something for myself, here are the 2 things i liked the most from what i got yesterday:
This shirt:

I got the large size because i wanted it long, and the small size was short.

The back.

I also got this skirt to modify it into a high low skirt:

Like this one, i made a few days ago:

And my new hair:

Is an ash/blond/blue-ish color XD

Also this is the dress i wore on Christmas  but i didn`t get any good picture of my look that day, because i was busy taking pictures of my family. I took this a couple of days later, but i`m really unsatisfied with the quality of my camera lately, i really loved it when i first got it, but now i think is broken or something because is taking really bad quality photos, my goal is saving and buying a better one next year.

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