Paradise Kiss

Original title: パラダイス・キス | Paradaisu Kisu | Paradise Kiss
Release: 2011
Country: Japan
Director: Takehiko Shinjo
Running time: 116 Min.
Cast: Keiko Kitagawa | Osamu Mukai | Yusuke Yamamoto | Shunji Igarashi | Kento Kaku | Aya Omasa | Natsuki Kato | Hitomi Takahashi | Shigemitsu Ogi | Michiko Hada

Just watched this movie, i know a bit late, but i don`t watch many Japanese movies or dramas, I DO watch a lot of Korean movies and dramas. Also, i`ve never read the manga, i don`t read manga actually, but i found this movie really interesting and fun, i`d recommend it, if you like cute and romantic stories, also the costume design and styling are really good.

This was my favorite look tho, really simple yet so stylish.

I`m glad it was a modern movie and not something crazy with stupid hair styles.

Another of my favorite things about the movie:

Mukai Osamu!

He is so gorgeous, and as i say before, i don`t watch too many Japanese movies or dramas, hence i don`t know many actors/actresses, and what i liked the most about him, were his eyebrows! i must confess i have an obsession with eyebrows, that`s why i tend to like Korean men more than the Japanese ones, because Japanese men, well the ones i see often in entertainment, tend to remove their eyebrows, and that for me is too ugly. Anyways the guy has other gorgeous features besides the eyebrows XD

So, if you hadn`t watch the movie is a good option for some free/lazy/boring spare time you may have.

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