First of all i haven`t been able to blog lately, because i got a new job and it`s very demanding, but is nice and i get a decent paycheck, but for now i`m a temp, i really hope i can keep that job next year, you don`t get nice and well paid jobs here very often :(

Also, i`ve been shopping a lot these days, it`s a tradition here to buy a lot of clothes for Chritsmas and New year`s eve, here are some of my favorite things:

This sweater is my favorite thing!

Kimono jacket

Baroque dress


Boots, a bit dirty because i already used them


And the most annoying photo for the end, i couldn`t help but buying these, and yes, usually my underwear don`t match.

That`s it, i`ve bought a lot of stuff, and RN i have some days off, i hope to update this blog more often, also my camera is acting like a bitch, sometimes pictures come out really grainy and/or blurry, auto focus is not working well, i really need to invest in a new camera next year.

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