New blog name and design.

If you were following Miss Dictator don`t freak out, i just changed the name of the blog to Black Ink, because i wasn`t feeling identified with that old nickname anymore, hence, i choose something that i really like, black ink is one of my favorite mediums for illustration, and also black is my favorite color; i think i`ll stick with the name.

On the other hand, i finally can say that i finished this design, i made it like 5 times with different templates, but i couldn`t get the disqus to work, not via widget, nor with html, i got mad and decided to keep my old design, in which disqus was actually working, and add some elements to create a "concept" around the name.

Now i have a big header with my face XD, i wanted to jump into the "gyaru picture in the header" bandwagon, but nevermind my derpy face, i`ll try to take a similar photo with better resolution and a less awkward smile.

Aaaaaaaaaand that`s it, i hope you like it, and i have a lot of things to post in the next days, i`ll leave you with the header picture, it was blurry so i decided to add a "vintage effect" to it, later i`ll post some other photos i took that day, that are (kind of) better quality.

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