Outfits that i like and that could look better if i actually did my hair

I really worship my hair but the last semester of 2012 was full of bad hair, hence i had to cut it really short T_T and having short hair for me is so uninspiring, when i go out most of the time i don`t do my hair, i do my make up almost flawlessly and put good effort on my clothes but my hair looks like "staying at home and be lazy" hair.

I loved this look from December 30th with bleh hair:

I bought this dress because it reminded me of Murua:
This is me on new year`s eve, and i actually did my hair, but i think is also bleh.

That night i was watching G.I Joe because the party was so boring, but i was watching it just for Lee Byung Hun.

And i got straight blunt bangs again because on Christmas eve i fucked up one of my eyebrows, i was shaving it in a rush and i accidentally removed a lot of hair and now it`s bald in the middle XD
This is the skirt i made. 
This was a look for a friend`s night out like a week ago, and bangs make it look like i put some effort in my hair, but i didn`t XD also my hair keeps fading, which i expected to do, it is blond on the back of my head like this:

This is me in my niece`s new bike that actually runs by itself XD

To finish this post, this is me back in November:

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