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A month without blogging has passed, may i apologize....the temp job i was doing back in December ended up been a full time job, i`m happy, finding a good job in this country is a fucking hard task, it doesn`t matter if you went to college or not.
But well now i`m saving, thinking about the future, should i open my own business?... and shopping.

Today i make a commitment to my hair, NO more hair dye this year!
Hair dye is an addiction, i been dying my hair since i was 15, black frome 15 to 24, i had a long, gorgeous, amazing hair....

Like this:

And then i decided to cut it like this:

Which i don`t regret because i looked mad cool!

Anyways, that was me missing my long hair T_T and i`ve been trying to let it grow for the past 2 years, but i had been abusing hair dye since 2009 trying all the colors i though could look good on me, and it has been fun, i`m not gonna lie, i`ve had AMAZING looks through that time (i`ll make a separate post for that) but, this past 2 months i have realized that i`ve been changing my hair color like every 2 weeks and my hair keeps getting shorter and shorter and not longer as it should be.

I had this hair color in december after i dyed it blond and then decided to toned it down with an ash tone and black tips, i liked it, for like a week XD, in reality i was expecting it to faded away and ended up looking lighter, and that happened, but i got bored.

And did this:

Which looked purple with flash and blue without it

I must admit that was awesome, again for like 2 weeks (i know i have a problem) then i find out that apparently purple hair is so in RN in this country @_@

I washed it with dish soap to faded it and i got this:

Also added some blue to the tips, that was awesome, i really liked it, but from here i started to think i was abusing my hair way too much, and decided to cover it with a dark brown / chocolate tone 

This was my outfit that day BTW, a mix between Onee and Mode, skirt, belt and the golden bracelets made by me. 
Next time i`ll try this look with a different blouse, i think this one makes me look kind of fat.

Ok the brown/reddish cover was really hot i loved it but it lasted only 2 DAYS!!!!!
Why? because i decided to get a keratin treatment and a professional trimming at a hair salon, which BTW was too expensive for my likes, but the BASTARDS burnt my hair, got away all the color and blow dried my hair for like an hour, and my hair being really short ended up so terribly damaged, i wanted to die!!!
I had to wear a hat for 3 days:

Tha`ts why RN i say fuck everything i`m going to cover my hair with black and let it grow, this time for real, this is really too much for my poor hair T_T i was thinking about getting this again:

This is my fave hair of all taeeeeem, but IDK man, i may just throw some black on and don`t look back, but i think about it twice because i look darker and more yellow/gray with black hair.

That`s it, i promise to blog more often.

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