I´ts been a while + Lolita Fashion Show

Ok i hadn´t blog in a long time, i´ve been very busy, besides i was looking for a new place to live and in the meantime i expend several months living at my uncle´s house, and man it was crowded.
But now i´m living in a big apartment and i want to get back to the blogging thing, with gyaru photo shoots, clothes, and events just like before.

First new entry is going to be about the fashion show i did back in November with the new designs from my Lolita clothing brand: Black Flags Atelier, at an annual event called SOFA.
For this new collection i made three pieces with my own fabric designs, for these designs i used the "Lolitas Die Harder" line.

There were 11 looks with different Lolita styles.


Also here is a video cortesy of Blueberry Ice, just the Lolita segment is my work.

 And that´s it, i´ve just talked about this so much that i have nothing left to write about it  :P

On another note on the sidebar you can find new links, one to my Lacebook profile and the other one to my Behance Porfolio, i created this like a year ago but i just started adding things to it, by now there just my latest illustrations, but i hope to add my actual Graphic Design works.
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